Our comprehensive wholesale service ensures that you have what you need in your shop, pub, cafe, club, bar or even burger van at a time to suit you. You can pick up from our shop from 7am or for a small charge we can deliver to your doorstep. Please contact us for a full list of what we can provide.

A few of our items are listed below:


  • Baps, Buns, Breadcakes in White, Brown or Granary

  • Loaves, Batch, Rye, Sunflower, Coburg, French Sticks

  • Teacakes, Fruit Scones, Date Scones, Cherry Scones

  • Finger Rolls, Batons, Knots, Plaits, Petite Pan

  • Brioche buns, Croissants

  • Spelt Bread

  • Sourdough Bread

  • Ciabatta & Panini

  • Speciality Breads to order


  • Pork Pies & Chilli Pork pies

  • Sausage Rolls & Pizzas

  • Bacon Savouries

  • Mince Beef Pies & Steak Pies

  • Quiche (5 flavours)

  • Pasties (Cornish, Mexican, Vegetable)

  • Cheese Straws


  • Iced Buns, Long Iced Buns & Danish (3 flavours)

  • Custards & Fruit Pies

  • Fruit tarts and Strawberry tarts

  • Eclairs, Turnovers, Choux buns and Devonetts

  • Vanilla Slice & Brownies

  • Muffins, Cinnamon Rolls, Cheery Bakewells

  • Flapjack, Caramel Shortbread & Almond Slice

  • Lemon Drizzle. Pineapple Cake, Cherry Cake, Black forest Cake

  • And much more .......................


Please let us quote you for any of the above. Everything is freshly made, and quality is guaranteed

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