Our Bakery

The Oven Door has been part of Wetherby high street since 1973. We continue to excel in making the freshest products available and this is reflected by the number of customers we get through our doors. We average 10,000 paying customers per month

Fast forward 47 years to 2020 and we are still going strong. Expanding our range and improving the quality of our products and display. Wetherby is growing and so are we. 

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We bake large loaves , small loaves, french sticks, brioche buns, sunflower bread, spelt bread, organic bread, sour dough bread, coburgs, plaits, knots, petite pan, finger rolls, rye bread, wholemeal bread, granary bread, malt bread, batons, croissant aswell as other speciality breads such as olive, garlic, sundried tomato and pretty much any bread you care to order.

Our savoury section includes pork pies, chilli pork pies, sausage rolls, bacon turnovers, steak bakes, cheese & onion pasties, cheese straws, cornish pasties, vegetable pasties, samosas plus 6 flavours of pizza (ham, mushroom, tomato, pepperoni, sweet chilli chicken and tuna)

Our amazing confectionery irems include fruit tarts, strawbery tarts, apple turnovers, ecllairs, caramel shortbread, almond slices, all types of flapjack, lemon drizzle, pineapple cake, devonettes, choux buns, iced buns, bismarks, custard tarts, scones and bismarks.

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